Survivorshit: Episode 1

Recorded in February 2018

Shit We Talked About!

Who is this podcast for?

  • Young adults with cancer who are too sick to go to a meeting
  • Young adults with cancer who don’t have young adult support groups in their area
  • Families, friends, and caregivers of young adults with cancer
  • Anyone that finds us mildly entertaining

Our mission

  • Discuss young adult cancer-related issues
  • Talk about things you’re too afraid to ask or uncomfortable to ask your doctor
  • Bring awareness to listeners about the issues young adults with cancer face
  • Link young adults with cancer to resources and programs

Topics we’ll be exploring on this podcast

  • Dating and Relationships
  • Death and end of life
  • Fertility
  • Finances
  • Parenting
  • Support systems
  • Sexual dysfunction and remedies (Buttercup has her sex educator certification!)
  • What’s going on in the cancer medical community

Basically, we will be the Wesley to your Buttercup, helping you through the fire swamp that is cancer.Princess BrideButtercup visiting Bumble in Michigan

Lexi was a great emotional support animal to Bumble while going through cancer treatment. PLEASE ADOPT, don’t shop! Here is some information to learn about emotional support animals, and even get a doctor’s note if your rental policy doesn’t allow pets. You can go here to register your pet as an emotional support animal.

Bumble and Lexi

Our First Descents Trip

Check out First Descents for more information.

FD logo

We ate amazing, healthy meals at First Descents courtesy of The Holistic Chef The Well Balanced Company.

We were so lucky to have a professional photographer at cancer camp to capture all of the wonderful moments! Check out Rebecca “HD” Elliot of Sunnybrook Photo.

Click here to read all about our cancer camp experience.


Episode Credits

This episode was recorded in February 2018. The music you heard on this episode is thanks to

Intro: Midnight by Shaneé Laurent, recorded at Planet Sunday Studios

Break: Thee Radiant Diadem by Jeremy Ensley and Shaneé Laurent, recorded at Amber Lit Studios

Outro: Wolf Teeth by Shaneé Laurent, recorded at Planet Sunday Studios