Launching the Podcast

Who is this podcast for?

  • Young adults with cancer who are too sick to go to a meeting
  • Young adults with cancer who don’t have young adult support groups in their area
  • Families, friends, and caregivers of young adults with cancer
  • Anyone that finds us mildly entertaining

Our mission

  • Discuss young adult cancer-related issues
  • Talk about things you’re too afraid to ask or uncomfortable to ask your doctor
  • Bring awareness to listeners about the issues young adults with cancer face
  • Link young adults with cancer to resources and programs

Topics we’ll be exploring on this podcast

  • Dating and Relationships
  • Death and end of life
  • Fertility
  • Finances
  • Parenting
  • Support systems
  • Sexual dysfunction and remedies (Buttercup has her sex educator certification!)
  • What’s going on in the cancer medical community

Basically, we will be the Wesley to your Buttercup, helping you through the fire swamp that is cancer.Princess Bride