Bumble + Buttercup

Bumble and Buttercup met at a First Descents retreat in Estes Park, Colorado, while climbing mountains and awkwardly being included in family vacation photos. You can read more about our First Descents adventure here!

Photo by Ghost Code Studios


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Photo by Ghost Code Studios

Bumble is a breast cancer survivor and advocate passionate about connecting with others in the young adult cancer community. Being diagnosed at age 33 came with unique challenges in motherhood, career, and relationships. She is currently writing a memoir, Urban Chicken Wrangler, which helped her find the humor necessary to navigate them. When she’s not writing, she’s spending time outside in nature with her family, taking walks with her one-eyed chiweenie, practicing yoga, and making music. Bumble resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She rivals Snow White with the number of animal friends she’s made.


Photo by Sunnybrook Photo

Buttercup was 34 years old, single and dating when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She is passionate about travel, nutrition, health communication, human sexuality, and writing. She has her Masters of Public Health degree in Global Health, is a trained sex educator, and has over a decade of teaching experience. She is currently an Instructional Designer for a Fortune 500 company and is writing both a novel and a memoir. She sings and dances in her car on her way to work in the morning, loves her bossy little dog, and is always looking for her next adventure!