Survivorshit: Episode 2

Recorded in February 2018

Shit We Talked About!

Buttercup talks about her Hashimoto’s autoimmune disease and how much street cred her neck scar gives her. Bumble cooks some AIP diet-approved deliciousness to celebrate Buttercup’s birthday. Bumble and Buttercup swap cancer diagnosis stories and contemplate platonic sisterwifery.

Doctors, LISTEN THE FUCK UP! Don’t treat your patients like they’re crazy. We can’t count the number of times we hear the same story where the patient knows something is wrong but is dismissed. Treat the whole person! Patients, trust your gut! Getting a second, third, fourth opinion is always an option. YOU ARE YOUR BEST ADVOCATE.

Can Administrative Assistants for people with cancer PLEASE be a thing?

Yes, Virginia, even crunchy people can get cancer.


Here are the recipes I made for Buttercup’s birthday visit to Michigan!

Gluten-free blueberry pancakesIMG_5493 (1)

This recipe from The Spruce is heavenly and does NOT taste gluten-free at all!

I also make this tried-and-true quick recipe on the reg since it’s only 3 ingredients! 1 egg + 1 banana + cinnamon to taste (even my kid loves these!)

Sweet Potato-crusted quiche

It’s like this recipe, sans cheese. And with mushrooms. Shout-out to my friend Sara for turning me onto the sweet versatility of sweet potatoes as “crust.”

Avocado chocolate pudding

It’s like this recipe, sub real maple syrup for agave.

I also made this pretty amazing chicken dinner… It was a WINNER WINNER.


And this really pretty gluten free cake that we ate for breakfast!


Episode Credits

This episode was recorded in February 2018. The music you heard on this episode is thanks to

Intro: Midnight by Shaneé Laurent, recorded at Planet Sunday Studios

Break: Thee Radiant Diadem by Jeremy Ensley and Shaneé Laurent, recorded at Amber Lit Studios

Outro: Wolf Teeth by Shaneé Laurent, recorded at Planet Sunday Studios